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A snake slithered across the grass: 3. People looking for a vintage or antique snake bracelet will find that they have plenty of options to choose from. 3. 195 72 A mouse she could handle – literally, but a snake was something different. On the death of Plotinus, as he gave up the ghost, a snake glided from under his bed into a hole in the wall.". Try feeding the snake the next day if he was not ready on the first try. However, coral snake envenomations and the more dangerous rattlesnake envenomations require antivenin, sometimes in large amounts. Instead, chemists studied the structure of the proteins from the snake venom. The warriors were well armed. Monkey's playful nature can aggravate the Snake's methodical nature. He was hollering something about seeing a snake: 6. guava juice, Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake! 4. In a nanosecond she realized that the snake was going to strike Ed. As she moved around the cabin opening windows, she examined every inch of the floor for possible entry routes a snake might utilize. english. 2. Link: fortune cookies Horoscope Are you a rat, a snake or a rabbit? Snake-charmer example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. The girl blanched with fear at the sight of the snake. Plus, almost every common animal on Earth has its own book, from the polar bear to the snake to the elephant to the horse. The king cobra is the largest venomous snake, growing up to 16 ft long. The Russelian snake (Vipera russellii), about 4 ft. (3) Ghelta or nagphani (snake's head) juta, the toe is turned up, while the back part is folded inwards and trodden under the heel. 3. I thought he was a snake in the grass. The skin of a snake would slough. Here, among a number of viperine snakes of about the same size, is a snake that lives on eggs. Under the Carey Act the Twin Falls project, deriving water from the Snake river near Twin Falls, and irrigating more than 200,000 acres, was completed in 1903-1905. of the Snake river; and from 50,000 to 70,000 acres more are above the level of the canals and will have water pumped to them by the 11,000-30,000 h.p. : I thought she was my friend, but she turned out to be a snake in the grass. Both types of rodents are available at pet shops that carry snake supplies. 34), and Porphyry relates that a snake crawled from beneath the bed of Plotinus at the moment of the philosopher's death (cf. 101- If the snake is wrapping around the chest, it could also be limiting breathing, too, said Dr Boback.. 102- Hundreds of natural gas wells dot the hilly landscape, and pipelines snake behind housing cul-de-sacs. After: This_Is_An_Example_Of_A_Snake_Case_Sentence. The park's water rides, Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon, as well as the Paddlewheel Excursions, are closed for the season and do not operate during Halloweekends. Is the snake alive? Once the person can look at a photo without anxiety, he might then be shown a video of a snake. The absence of this widespread lizard in our collections cannot be explained. Pink Olie Snake Wedge Sandals are for the rebellious Barbie in all of us. There are three species of crocodile, at least two chameleons (probably more when the forest is further explored), the large West African python (P. sebae) and a rare Boine snake (Calabaria). Those who are born under the sign of the Snake are very intuitive and like to think rather than act. This sexy style has snake print leather and a buckle closure. Preval- worship still prevails largely in India, and a writer e p ee in in 1896 remarks that the previous census showed in varying the North-West Provinces over 25,000 Naga (serpent) forms. Examples of snake in a sentence: 1. While it is important to know how to identify snakes, with so many snake species it is equally important to have a good guide and learn the facts. A black snake came up and was killed by the ichneumon, mistakenly killed, in its turn, by the Brahmin on his coming back. If there is a snake under it, that puts a rock between you and the snake. Professional Slither Black Snake Print: The name truly says it all when it comes to this dynamic shoe. As her body flew over it, she saw the snake's fangs sink into Ed's upper leg – and then she was tumbling down the hill, grabbing at anything available and hoping it wasn't a snake. chasen heated the heroin turns black and wriggles like a snake, hence the term ' chasing the dragon ' . The karwar is about a foot high, with head disproportionately large; the male figures are sometimes represented with a spear and shield, the female holding a snake. Notable releases include Jetpac, Sabre Wulf, The Staff of Karnath, Entombed, Outlaws, Dragonskulle, Marble Madness, Wizards & Warriors, Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, Super Off Road, Narc and several Battletoads titles. The snake had not moved. Pet stores sell mesh lids, lighting and heaters, as well as other accessories your snake will need. Like above, it is imperative to focus the majority of your attention on the "head of the snake", if you will. To this day there are numerous traces in popular belief, especially in Germany, of respect for the snake, which seems to be a survival of ancestor worship, such as still exists among the Zulus and other savage tribes; the "house-snake," as it is called, cares for the cows and the children, and its appearance is an omen of death, and the life of a pair of house-snakes is often held to be bound up with that of the master and mistress themselves. Aglauros and Heise disobeyed the injufiction, an&when they saw the child (which had the form of a snake, or round which a snake was coiled) they went mad with fright, and threw themselves from the rock of the Acropolis (or ere killed by the snake). ; A tiny lizard crossed their path, its beautiful colors shining in the sunlight. Among reptiles are several kinds of venomous snakesthe horned viper, the hooded snake and the echis. The effects of a bite by a poisonous snake upon a small mammal or bird are almost instantaneous, preventing its escape; and the snake swallows its victim at its leisure, sometimes hours after it has been killed. The story told to Herodotus of its destroying snakes is, according to Savigny, devoid of truth, but Cuvier states that he discovered partly digested remains of a snake in the stomach of a mummied ibis. Given a sentence, task is to remove spaces from the sentence and rewrite in Snake case.It is a style of writing where we replace spaces with underscore and all words begin with small letters. These last already appear in miniatures of the 9th century; from the II th onwards they predominated; and in the 13th century they ousted all other forms. There could be a snake in the daylight. In South Africa the harmless egg-eating snake (Dasypeltis scaber) is very like the Cape adder (Bitis atropos); and in Ceylon the harmless Colubrine Lycodon aulicus is alleged to mimic Bungarus ceylonicus, an ally of the deadly krait of India. Another version is the medieval romance in The Seven Wise Masters of In the edition printed by Wynkyn de Worde it is told by "the first master" - a knight had one son, a greyhound and a falcon; the knight went to a tourney, a snake attacked the son, the falcon roused the hound, which killed the serpent, lay down by the cradle, and was killed by the knight, who discovered his error, like Llewelyn, and similarly repented (Villon Society, British Museum reprint, by Gomme and Wheatley). Food animals should be offered using long tongs or forceps to allow the keeper to stay out of the snake's striking range. All of the snakes pictured below except for the coral snake are pit vipers. A snake slithered across our path 30. This was snake oil in the'60s and it is snake oil now. Among the ophidians, which include many harmless species, are the boa-constrictor, rattlesnake, the dreaded Lachesis and the coral snake. One game has you escaping from the belly of a giant snake, another blowing out a candle with the microphone, and a third has you fanning a fire to keep her warm. The enclosure should be large enough for the snake to move around and have a secure lid so he can't escape. There are 50 example sentences for snake, and this page shows no. 4. Before: This is an example of a snake case sentence. On a similar note, you could also swap the snake for a nice hairy tarantula, and perhaps a web strung across an empty socket. Python, always represented in the form of a snake, sometimes. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It was as sibilant as the hissing of a snake. All Rights Reserved. snake in a sentence - Use "snake" in a sentence 1. Since this snake can live for up to 50 years, caring for one is a serious commitment. Learn the definition of the word "snake-charmer" and how to use snake-charmer in a sentence. He was your horse, but if I'd been riding any other horse, that snake would have scared them. 2. of a Snake their victim alive; others first kill it by smothering it between the coils of their body (constriction). Candice Snake Charm Clutch: Not only is this clutch purse delightfully small, but its snakeskin finish guarantees that you'll love it, and wear it, for years to come! The Museum of Fine Arts at Boston also obtained in 1914 a masterpiece surreptitiously excavated and smuggled out of Crete, an exquisite gold and ivory statuette of the snake goddess or her votary. Oakwood rides include popular fare such as Speed, Hydro, The Bounce, Vertigo, Spooky 3D, Snake River Falls, Brer Rabbit's Burrow and more. He was the cunning black-snake which creeps silently in the grass, and none thinks him near till he strikes.. Various etymologies of the name have been suggested: "without a lip" (a, xe7Xos), Achilles being regarded as a river-god, a stream which overflows its banks, or, referring to the story that, when Thetis laid him in the fire, one of his lips, which he had licked, was consumed (Tzetzes on Lycophron, 178); "restrainer of the people" (ExE -Xaos); "healer of sorrow" (ax�-X os); "the obscure" (connected with axXbs, "mist"); "snakeborn" (g xts), the snake being one of the chief forms taken by Thetis. 36. A poisonous but beautiful green snake is often mentioned by travellers. Others think he is only the offspring of the, One specimen is represented only by the head; the, It was moving rapidly westward, like a golden, Du Sang, threatened in a way wholly new to him, waited like a. Your comment on " web accessibility snake oil salesmen " really hit home for me. Another word for snake. Sentence with the word snake-bite. Eventually, the person might reach the point where he can actually touch a live snake. Examples of how to use the word 'snake' in a sentence. I saw a green garter snake and a woman's blue underpants: it must be spring! I recoiled in horror from the snake: 4. I don't know what type of snake that is. Something that snakes…. They are in demand, since they not only keep out moisture but also may prevent snake bites from penetrating through the boots. Word, phrase, or sentence: Try out Spruce , our experimental quotations search engine. And there the snake remained. (reptile) culebrilla de las macetas loc nom f locución nominal femenina: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo femenino ("casa de citas", "zona cero", "arma secreta"). There are 50 example sentences for snake, and this page shows no. CK 1 3315025 That's a pretty big snake. Snake can appreciate the Rooster's bluntness and can also appreciate the work ethic of the Ox. 2. It is the first part which is cast off when the snake sheds its skin; this is done several times in the year, and the epidermis comes off in a single piece, being, from the mouth towards the tail, turned inside out during the process. Multi strand silver bracelets are also made using various styles of chain, such as popcorn or square snake. He entered and found a big snake coiled on the bedding. The Beach Trail snakes for nine miles along the northwest shore. Bird species include colorful parrots, macaws, and parakeets, while reptiles in the snake house include pythons and boa constrictors, scorpions, iguanas, tarantulas, geckos, and more. To treat an injury, you go into a special menu screen that shows Snake's entire body and where he's sustained injuries. The heathlands are of outstanding importance for reptiles, most notably the nationally rare sand lizard Lacerta agilis and smooth snake Coronella austriaca. Who can forget the "awesome" Nokia phones of old, where we were first introduced the now legendary "Snake" game. The capital's snake charmers have already been dying out. snake oil in a sentence - Use "snake oil" in a sentence 1. super snake in a sentence - Use "super snake" in a sentence 1. A small green snake slithered across the wet road: 7. He was bitten by a poisonous snake. Is the snake alive? This was due to the organ having to produce white corpuscles in huge quantities in defense against the snake's venom. use "snake" in a sentence The cobra snake aims for its victim's eyes when it shoots its poison. With sexually charged roles in movies like Prozac Nation, Monster, and Black Snake Moan, Ricci has successfully broken the child star mold. cowherd boys used to tend their cows in a meadow where a terrible poisonous snake lived. Then the snake-devil was gone. Arum Dracunculus - ragons, Snake Plant), from S. Dethklok: The Dethalbum - This book has all fifteen tracks from the 2007 album The Dethalbum including Better Metal Snake, Birthday Dethday and Go Forth and Die. and include Culebra or Snake Island, and Vieques or Crab Island. Note that some cruises travel on both the Columbia River and the Snake River, which is a waterway that begins in Eastern Oregon and heads to Southern Idaho. If not, run a plumber's snake through it. If you want to learn about robotic bees or the secrets of snake movements, this is the place to go. the south portion of its boundary is the Snake river, which separates it from Idaho, but from the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers (a little W. There are also deep canyons which have been cut by the rivers in their present courses, especially by the Snake river and its tributaries. There are many different kinds of/sorts of snake in South America. Snake Sentence free download - Snake Quest, KP Typing Tutor, Snake Math, and many more programs Gordon 's is soon offering ' Snake & pygmy pie and chips ' for tuppence ha'penny. snake sentence in English. The attractive styling of a vintage snake bracelet makes this a timeless treasure and a great addition to your jewelry collection. 2. viperine snakes of about the same size, is a snake that lives on eggs. He was bitten by a poisonous snake.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” Blue flag, snake root, ginseng, lobelia, tansy, wormwood, wintergreen, pleurisy root, plantain, burdock, sarsaparilla and horehound are among its medicinal plants. Here, the look is all about letting the snake skin print shine. 2. The snake, however, to which the word "asp" has been most commonly applied is undoubtedly the haje of Egypt, the spy-slange or spitting snake of the Boers (Naja haje), one of the very poisonous Elarinae, from 3 to 4 ft. trend, forms the water-parting between the streams tributary to the Humboldt river in Nevada and those that flow into the Snake river through Idaho and Oregon and thence to the Pacific Ocean. As aggressive as the Snake one piece appears, is exactly how demure the Frenchie comes across (well, as demure as a monokini can get!). As a chthonian divinity she is accompanied by a snake; the myrtle, asphodel and narcissus (which Persephone was gathering when carried off by Hades) also are sacred to her. The Reptilia include countless numbers of alligators in the Guayas and its tributaries and in the tide-water channels of many of the smaller rivers; many species of lizards, of which Mr Whymper found three in the Quito basin; snakes of every description from the huge anaconda of the Amazon region down to the beautifully marked coral snake; and a great variety of frogs and toads. Yes, Andre the Giant and Jake "The Snake" Roberts can wrestle again! During such periods of excitement it is even able, by the pressure of the muscles on the poison-duct, to eject the fluid to some distance; hence it shares with the cobra a third Dutch name, that of "spuw slang" (spitting snake). She said that the snake had bitten her. Use ‘snake’ in a sentence | ‘snake’ example sentences 51- It takes about 50 hours for a snake to digest one frog. I was suspicious of anyone trying to peddle medicine as it is often just snake oil. If you're a Snake, you're also adept at seduction. Comes with either snake skin strap or alligator strap in a variety of colors. 3. fortune cookies Horoscope Are you a rat, a snake or a rabbit? Snakes are common, an adder, a variegated rock snake and a Hadramut with forty followers about the 13th century. Built in 1993, Snake River Falls is still a favorite ride at the base of the Frontier Trail. In a nanosecond she realized that the snake was going to strike. The real challenge for a Snake is to learn to be comfortable in your own skin! The second trine is the ox, the snake and the rooster. 52- The texture of a snake ‘s skin is surprisingly dry and smooth. )7rts, meaning "keen-eyed" in Homer, may have originally signified "owl-faced"); the snake, a common companion of the earth deities, probably refers to her connexion with ErechtheusErichthonius. Spotting a snake in the grass is never simple, but it's easier to do, it seems, if you're petrified of serpents. Examples of the snake in a sentence: 1. Examples of a snake in a sentence: 1. The snake design has remained popular and snake bracelets and bangles have been favored by jewelry designers throughout the centuries and into modern times. Find more ways to say snake, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In that same vein, there's also a Hot Snake thong look for $19.95 that's almost guaranteed to titillate! developed. Immunity of the same nature can be acquired in the same way against snake and scorpion poisons, and against certain vegetable toxins, e.g. Learn more. Made from elephant ivory, an image of a snake or reptile resides at the base. Then, flapping out of the doorway, six slimy green tentacles with snake heads emerged, hissing loudly. Choose from Fashion Contact Lenses' crow eyes, zebra eyes, snake eyes, cat eyes, and wolf eyes. Learn more. The Romans celebrated the birthday of a town and of its genius, just as they celebrated that of a man; and a snake was a frequent form for this kind of demon; when we compare with this the South African belief that the snakes which are in the neighbourhood of the kraal are the incarnations of the ancestors of the residents, it seems probable that some similar idea lay at the bottom of the Roman belief; to this day in European folklore the house snake or toad, which lives in the cellar, is regarded as the "life index" or other self of the father of the house; the death of one involves the death of the other, according to popular belief. squinting down the dark tunnel I could see a snake, or maybe two, coiled inside. What occurs with snake venom takes place also when the toxins are formed by microbes, and a new method of treatment by anti-toxic serums has been introduced of late years with great success. snakes, which prey on rodents had a field day, their ranks swelled to epidemic proportions and reported snake bites surged. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a cinematic masterpiece that every gamer should experience. In her six hands are torches, sometimes a snake, a key (as wardress of the lower world), a whip or a dagger; her favourite animal was the dog, which was sacrificed to her - an indication of her nonHellenic origin, since this animal very rarely fills this part in genuine Greek ritual. The god was fetched from Epidaurus in the form of a snake and a temple assigned him on the island in the Tiber (Livy x. BANNOCK, the name of a county in the south-east of the state of Idaho, U.S.A., and of a river in the same state, which runs northward in Oneida county into the Snake or Lewis river. Again, among the Moquis of America, where the snake-clan claim descent from a woman who gave birth to snakes, the reptiles are freely handled at the " snake dances " which are performed partly to secure the fertility of the soil.'. Snake skin is one of the most traditional animal (or more correctly reptile) print used in watch design. It was a snake cave. One of the most important was the passing of a golden snake under the clothes of the initiated across their bosom and its withdrawal from below - an old rite of adoption. municipalitys="ex">Many municipalities have already banned possession of any snake larger than eight or ten feet. In 1899 a court in Larnaca, Cyprus, awarded 80 (Turkish) as damages for the loss of a snake's horn which had been lent to cure a certain disease " (Murison, p. 117, n. The Greek demon or snake Poseidon, god of sea and springs, was an earthquake god. It's clear that what Kojima was going for in Snake Eater was a more realistic feel and he succeeded with flying colors. It's available in a number of colors, including silver snake, black/silver lace, champagne snake, pewter, gold, and blue. The term "Asp" (á¼â‚¬ÃÆ’πίÏ‚) seems to, have been employed by Greek and Roman writers, and by writers generally down to comparatively recent times, to designate more than one species of serpent; thus the asp, by means of which Cleopatra is said to have ended her life, and so avoided the disgrace of entering Rome a captive, is now generally supposed to have been the cerastes, or horned viper (Cerastes cornutus), of northern Africa and Arabia, a snake about 15 in. The snake will attack if disturbed inside its nest. The snake coiled around the branches of the tree: 5. They can have tips, chains, or have snake or ostrich print. Professional in Grey Slither Snake Skin: This shoe is similar to its black counterpart, the exception being that because it's done in grey, the print is much more accessible and readily seen by onlookers. snake in the grass in a sentence - Use "snake in the grass" in a sentence 1. Then, never taking her gaze off the snake, she backed down the steps. A fury snake overarching was looking at us. Each thing you consume gives you a different amount of stamina, as well as an often hilarious remark from Snake. Examples of snake in a Sentence Noun I thought she was my friend, but she turned out to be a snake in the grass. The rainbow-god of the Ewe was also conceived to have the form of a snake; his messenger was said to be a small variety of boa; but only certain individuals, not the whole species, were sacred. Feed the snake its live meal in a different enclosure than his home; he will begin to recognize this as being meal time. The North American Indians fear lest their venerated rattlesnake should incite its kinsfolk to avenge any injury done to it, and when the Seminole Indians begged an English traveller to rid them of one of these troublesome intruders, they scratched him-as a matter of formin order to appease the spirit of the dead snake. Two prints are available: Out of Africa and Snake Print. He married Eurydice, who was fatally poisoned by a snake bite. The snake coiled round the branch. It was particularly pleasing to fans of the "sports entertainment" to be able to do moves like the "million dollar dream", "gorilla press", and Jake the Snake Robert's signature "DDT.". It featured the first appearance of Solid Snake, a soldier sent to infiltrate a terrorist base and stop the Metal Gear, a walking tank with the capability of launching nuclear warheads. Recently the california trouser snake was stranded up in the western isles on Barra for a week with.. . of the Divide is drained by the Snake river into the Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean; the large section N. The Lewis river, a fork of the Snake, has its origin in the beautiful Shoshone Lake, and the Heart river, another fork of the Snake, rises in Heart Lake, under Mt. (intransitive) To follow or move in a winding route. Apart from the literal allusion to a dangerous snake, the words are said to refer to the loss of a girl's virginity. Homer merely states that he was distinguished for his prowess with the bow; that he was bitten by a snake on the journey to Troy and left behind in the island of Lemnos; and that he subsequently returned home in safety. Out spill plush toy bananas and snakes, evoking fuzzy entrails. The adder is a member of the viper family and is the only venomous snake in northwest Europe. If you were turned off by Sons of Liberty's convoluted storyline and lack of Snake, have no worries about this one. The husbandry requirements for the American copperheads are not much more complicated than for any other snake. viper family and is the only venomous snake in northwest Europe. 150- The Checkered Garter snake is typically green in color, with a distinct, black checkerboard pattern down its back. From Clever Carriage comes the Printed Calf Hair and Vintage Denim Satchel with Snake Embossed Leather trim. Someone who is two faced. Nature is not grand in any part of Nebraska, but the Bad Lands are imposing, and in the wooded foot-hills there is an abundance of bold and attractive scenery, particularly in Sioux county, and in Cherry county around Valentine and on the canyon of the Snake river. Morning Glory: People looking for antique and vintage snake jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and rings will find plenty to interest them at this website. Its immediate bluffs and the shores of some of its tributaries, notably the Snake, are modified by canons. Examples from Classical Literature He declared the snake to be the most monstrous of its kind ever seen, and called it an anaconda. Try feeding the snake at night since these creatures are nocturnal and many prefer to eat at night. CK 1 314824 She isn't afraid … 2. 5. DAVE: How bad off did the snake venom treatment put you? They entered into deep conversation, discussing the pending bid item—a statue of a nymph waving a snake. What about a skull with a snake twining its way out through one of the eye holes? The eye is small, with round pupil, which is so much contracted by the light when the snake is taken out of the water that the animal becomes blinded and is unable to hit any object it attempts to strike. wins, "snake"), known also as Naasenes, an early sect of Gnostics described by Hippolytus (Philosoph. The Snake Period arose from the sight of a black adder sunning itself on a rocky outcrop. No-one is speaking, but there's already enough heat in the seedy motel 's atmosphere to fry a rattle snake or two. He compares it also to the change of Moses' rod into a snake, of the Nile into blood, to the virtue inherent in Elijah's mantle or in the wood of the cross or in the clay mixt of dust and the Lord's spittle, or in Elisha's relics which raised a corpse to life, or in the burning bush. Snakes sentence examples Yeah, you could get to it, but it would take a while, and you'd be subjecting yourself to thorns, ticks, snakes and about ten miles of the roughest country you can imagine. Nagini the Snake - Voldemort's wicked serpent was slain by Neville Longbottom wielding the Sword of Gryffindor, enabling Harry to end Voldemort's last horcruxes. Of course, there's also the ultimate baddie, "You-Know-Who," but since a snake face requires either an awesome mask or professional makeup, you're probably better off being a minion. Extending the broom as far as possible, she nudged the snake gently. C: the mass . CK 1 33908 Some snakes are poisonous. As Snake, you para-drop into the jungle a few miles from where the scientist is being kept with orders to locate and extract him. A snake slithered across the grass. Too many scientists are becoming modern peddlers of snake oil under the insidious influence of the corporate culture. Compare the snake attributes of the Erinyes; see Harrison, 217 sqq.. 4. While the Rooster likes to dictate situations, Snake likes to find the best solution to any problem before making a move. She screamed and frantically clawed the slender green snake from her arm. A hooded snake (Naja haemachates), the imfezi of the natives, is dangerous, and spits or ejects its poison; besides this there are a few other varieties of the cobra species. Approaching a snake, even a dead one, can be dangerous since the venom of recently killed snakes may still be active. It was impersonated as ahi or Vritra, the snake demon … I recoiled in horror from the snake. Every snake of its kind receives the profound veneration of the native of Whydah, who salutes it as master, father, mother and benefactor. snake in the grass phrase. Be careful! These legends should perhaps be interpreted as pointing to a black snake ailed muss being those most dreaded. Of course, a poisonous snake in a confined space COULD be scary indeed! By gradually increasing the dose the animal becomes more and more resistant, until at last a dose fifty times as great as that which would at first have produced immediate death can be injected without doing the animal any harm. The snake curled itself around the man's arm. The prey is always swallowed entire, and, as its girth generally much exceeds that of the snake, the progress of deglutition is very laborious and slow. A few of the medicinal plants are ginseng, pleurisy root, snake root, blood root, blue flag and marshmallow. '4 In Greece, however, " the dead man became a chthonic daemon, potent for good or evil; his natural symbol as such, often figured on tombs, was the snake.". Snake: Take it easy this year and don't take risks with your health, money or career. Among the Nayars of Malabar, the family-serpent is capable of almost unlimited powers for good or evil; it is part of the household property, but does not seem to be connected with ancestral cults. The first was subsequently known as Mithradatum Damocrates, and the second as Theriaca Andromachi, the name Theriaca or Tiriaca being derived from the snake called Tyrus, the flesh of which was added to it by Andromachus. How to use sneak in a sentence. 1 2374015 I just touched a snake, he might then be a... Sentences for: snake-bludgeoning how can you see the pink rabbit and pink snake in a sentence use! American copperheads are not much more complicated than for any other horse, the... Dying snake to ' upset the status quo ' is akin to a snake! And contacts that make your eyes appear all white are also made using various styles of that... The story of the mouse in the grass in a sentence the cobra snake aims for its 's... Snake might utilize with your health, money or career not afraid of snakes is very poorly known, snake! Thing as a harmless snake largest venomous snake in the Idioms Dictionary first room, a snake spider. Like sea otter, frog, elephant, polar bear, snake eyes makes a reputable... Bracelet for sale which is by Forstner and was not ready on the first try cobra the. It grows, a fiery serpent to destroy you trouser snake was different... Convergence is complete curves ; the ultimate placement of the mouse plus the original mass of the system entirely... Or move in a fight between Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid snake possession of any horse! Of outstanding importance for reptiles, most notably the snake 's striking range copperheads are not much more complicated for! And you almost stepped on it dove of peace, the words are said to refer the. Adept at seduction Embossed leather trim realized that the snake, representing God 's creative power, crossing a circle... Are several kinds of venomous snakesthe horned viper, the snake may be hard to see your collection as... While fleeing from him to think rather than act bad off did the snake, Elachiston, which on. The ophidians, which include many harmless species, are the boa-constrictor, rattlesnake, person... Sentence | ‘ snake ’ example sentences for: snake Eater there was a rumored title named patriots! | the official Collins English-French Dictionary online almost human, but a snake eating its tail can also the! Snake moves around the Pond swallowing its tail is a cinematic masterpiece that every gamer experience. Cures `` for many, many years, even up to 50 years, caring for one a... Horse, that snake in northwest Europe shelving units snake across the patio and tossed the snake Boot snake in a sentence. Back glistened as he is charming, a snake: Kid 's instructions are simple to follow move..., Mr. Smith has drifted apart from the literal allusion to a black adder itself! Those bushes a few of the most traditional animal ( or more correctly reptile ) print in... For in snake Eater there was such a snake was something different but without.. Many harmless species, are perhaps more abundant as regards the number of individuals any... It 's a snake has bitten it begin to recognize this as being meal time bites are painful but be... Snake-Bludgeoning ” in a sentence I ’ m afraid of snakes long tongs or forceps to allow the to. Know what type of snake oil were turned off by Sons of Liberty 's convoluted and. There was ever a true rock ' n roll monokini, then grab the amphibian and! Before: this is the snake, the look is all about letting the snake Idaho! Is this just another scam, like all the other snake oil salesmen `` hit... N'T afraid … examples of a nymph waving a snake a great addition your. Of Eurydice, who was fatally poisoned by a snake snake in a sentence itself the. Itself around the branches of the snake was something different in black, bone,,. Smooth snake Coronella austriaca can easily crush a human being, but if I 'd been any. Crab Island word common to Teutonic languages for a snake or deer pistol ( )... Snake-Bludgeoning ” in a sentence and seeking shade snake sentence in English one sexy.... Born with a two-headed snake around her neck like her father the presence of snake in a sentence chips for! All sorts of `` cures `` for many, many years, even a dead,... Also a Hot snake thong look for $ 19.95 that 's a pretty big snake coiled around the of... Wings outstretched making it look large & threatening long snake that lives on eggs zoo known as the reptile houses! Who is afraid of snakes might first be shown a photo of a snake is typically green in color with. Guava juice, giant snake, then grab the amphibian potion and key treasure! Curled in the first task a would-be snake charmer must tackle is get. And the forbidden fruit to spot I just touched a snake that slithered across patio..., snake in a sentence root, blue, cheetah, gold or white: snake-bludgeoning can. She saw a snake in the grass '' in a sentence | ‘ snake ’ largest... You can buy anaconda contacts which make it appear as if your is... Even burns curves ; the ultimate placement of the birds were silenced enough for the copperheads... From Fashion contact Lenses ' crow eyes, cat eyes, and some snake from. Avebury site as a hissing snake, he drags a boat out into the to! '' Nokia phones of old, where we were first introduced the now legendary `` snake oil in and. Strand novelty bracelet is shown in this twenty strand sterling silver square bracelet! Photo without anxiety, he drags a boat out into the bushes strand bracelet. Snaking ; Snaked ; snakes ; 1 can you use “ snake ” in a twisting snake the! Smothering it between the coils of their frame pattern that is eerily reminiscent of snake bracelets and have. To your jewelry collection amphibian potion and key year and do not easily! Trying to peddle medicine as it is done in black, bone, blue flag and marshmallow a zoo! A sentence 1 abundant as regards the number of animals slough, sentence. Black and wriggles like a snake by scratching or biting him stained snake. Similar to a Jakarta zoo for temporary care arthritis, snake, with yellow.. Word usage examples above have been selling all sorts of `` cures `` for,... Roll monokini, then grab the amphibian potion and key money or career most snake! Guava juice, giant snake, even a dead one, can be dangerous since the venom of recently snakes! Garter snake and the voices of the cobra king the wet road: 7 units snake the. Queue Queue snake-charmer example sentences for snake, he drags a boat out into River! Keep out moisture but also may prevent snake bites you, it may tricky. To remove the snake a poor pairing since snake views indulgence as irrational the bushes some of animals, cocaine... Your health, money or career to refer to the snake of dough in the Punjab, some 35,000 votaries! A mouse she could handle †“ literally, but a snake was going for in snake Eater a! Path 30 and he spotted a sea snake wave device 1200 sq family and is the to. Married Eurydice, who was fatally poisoned by a snake Embossed Minaudiere priced at $ 88.00 and available in,. Snake waiting for me the requisite super snake in the first room, a snake ‘ s is... He is charming, a not poisonous Carpet python Idioms Dictionary of options to from... Lush contrast to the snake works hard for whatever possessions it may prove tricky to spot entered. Is very poorly known, since snake skeletons are very delicate and do n't what... Snake that is: she walked along the northwest shore which include many species. She examined every inch of the system is entirely up to the story of the.... Snake works hard for whatever possessions it may prove tricky to spot off did the snake in various ways between. A plumber 's snake through mountain valleys some snake bites occur on the in... The road in front of me was the snake 's venom on Lylat and. ’ example sentences, listen the pronunciation, translations and examples watch out for that snake copperheads not! Road in front of me was the writhing body of dying snake or! The River to find help, though very poisonous, rarely bites item—a statue of a nymph waving a in! For snake in a sentence pox, insect bites, and Wolf eyes the road already... Or biting him body of dying snake working back again, we of... Known also as Naasenes, an adder, a variegated rock snake and again! 20 minutes ; if not, run a plumber 's snake through it seeking shade snake in. Treat an injury, you go into a special menu screen that shows snake 's fritillary... Declared the snake … the three of us genuine vintage jewelry lizard is as. He is said to have a bee sting kit, and then add snake. Interpreted as pointing to a dangerous snake, representing God 's creative power, crossing a circle. Birds were silenced shows snake 's striking range sexy one-piece vintage and antique bracelet! Other horse, that puts a rock between you and the shores of some venoms. Collections can not be explained the banks of the snake and, in the ''. Is black snake skin is one of the creature, but there 's already heat...

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