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land to be allocated to her people and says that they will be loyal to him if He goes to join his wife. Wang Jung tells them to run. Wang So frantically searches his brain to come up with a way out of this mess. Wang Yo has renegotiated the deal and promised to send Yeon Hwa. And Soo has no excuse; she was there when things went down………and yet Jung gets the trust So did not. Just when Zhang Xiao's love for Kang Meng, Kang's girlfriend Meng Xinyi came back from abroad. Hae Soo declares herself foolish. Well written review. Dec 8, 2019 - Explore Gabrielle Le's board "Scarlet heart ryeo" on Pinterest. An angry Yeon Hwa can’t be good. They did show the young lovers death. The palace isn’t a fun place anymore. No outside of the killing the temple assassins, which I don’t count. looks on in agony as she watches Eun walk to his imminent death unable to do It has indeed very irritating to see her repeatedly freak out about these visions over the past 15 episodes. She looks into Wang Wook’s eyes and asks him if he’s connected. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap – Inseparable. he is adept at using people’s weaknesses to manipulate them. To read a re-cap of I think he does want to kill So and the rest eventually. He asks why she thinks she he knows. Buckle up because the next two episodes are jam packed with emotion, smiles, and gut-wrenching tears. Wow. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. I understand that wanting to protect people complicates things for Wang So. (Feed him to the hungry hounds. Baek Ah doesn’t think so. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) intercepts her. Hae Soo, Wang Eun, and his wife hear the guards searching for Wang Eun. forced to kneel before Yo. That resonated with Wang So. Chae Ryung is upset that Wang Eun’s supporters are dead and Wang Eun is missing. Wang So was chosen but the people were not happy with it. He calls Wang Yo a dog that follows. You have to respect the Evil King who can respect defiance from his help-less hostage in the face of his evil control. ... An exclusive shout out from the cast of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo! Death is too easy an escape for that petty woman. Hae Soo tells Chae Ryung that they were the only ones the tended the King. Love your terminology. Hey All Please pitch in ideas for how you would like the Evil Trio and Evil Mom to die , We can pass our time waiting for the next episodes to come out while thinking up brilliant and satisfying ways for evil losing their lives . at night since Hae Soo doesn’t allow any of the maids to enter that area late As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. She guesses that he got it for the woman he loves. Wang Wook says to survive, they must submit. Wang Wook notes that Wang So is suddenly very interested in what he’s doing. Wook is too far gone for me. It was the perfect King Evil move on his part to ensure he got her out of his palace and his hair………….. (that lovely lion mane thing he has going these days). I know what to do the ground is parched and I’m having a can’t concentrate day! In total agreement with u over Wook. Wang Yo doesn’t like dealing with an assassin. Flashback to Wang Wook’s previous conversation with his mother, Queen Hwangbo, and his sister, Yeon Hwa…When Queen Hwangbo asked if his actions were done for Hae Soo, Wang Wook confirms. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 & 13 Recap – Uprising. Yeon Hwa goes to meet Yo wearing the ring that he had given her years lived like this from the beginning (. Yeon Hwa shakes with rage. Hae Soo stares at Wang Wook as he strides into the chambers. Doek’s hair starts bothering her. And Yeon Hwa ( Member of the Evil and Cruel Club ; before any Evil team was formed) is now teaming up with her brother. Logan: Wow! Wang Eun wonders if he shouldn’t enlist help from his brothers, Wang Wook, or Baek Ah, or Wang Jung, or Wang So. 2 years was too elaborate for Won to have come up with on his own. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fear fogs her brain. He Once you forgot So’s issues – (and luckily LJK had minimal showing here); I was all over King Evil Eye Candy this episode. Wang Yo laughs and says that keeping Wang So close is best and admits to enjoying “taming” his brother. Logan: Wow! Will she ever find a way to belong? Wang So asks if he trusts him. Nonton Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Episode 15) Subtitle Indonesia. She managed to keep it together in the chamber but just barely. Be the first one to add a plot. So also hears from Yeon Hwa that Hae Soo was hiding Eun and his wife in a room for days together. Wang Yo realizes “it’s good to be King”. He made all these plans after she said that. Yeon Hwa demands that Hae Soo You know where you stand with these antagonists, unlike the shadowy Wook and Won, the cloak and dagger twins. Someone should feed mercury to Wang Won too… What goes around comes around , Wang Wook.. No, she flashes back to her dream of Wang So killing his brothers. Soon Duk tells Hae Soo that she should trust the person that she likes. Doek wants to meet her father once before leaving and asks Hae Soo to get a It’s no coincidence that after that statement it flashed to Wook saying Soo’s words of beware of So. Is that a widget? Drama Recap - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 15 This is a re-cap of episode 15 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". Wang Soo … DramaFever does not seem to negotiate these things well- despite things. This lot inspire lots of violent reactions in me. confirm that So will not arrest Eun and So is troubled that Given the preview, I look forward to going back to cheering Team So……. He offers his hand and they stroll away. Wang Wook tells his sister that Hae Soo warned him to be careful of Wang So and not try to stop him. The Crown Prince told Ji Mong that it didn’t matter if his life wasn’t long, it only mattered who he spent his last days with. So visits Wook to find out what the deal between him and Yo is. Those days are gone. Yo tells Wook that Hae Soo is dying of curiosity to know who poisoned Wang So has a posse he wants to protect (the nice princes and Hae Soo), therefore he must consider the ramifications of his actions. striking a deal. In a gentle tone Hae Soo tells the king that she’d accuse him of the torture even if she had to die for uttering those words. I assumed he meant Soo’s active involvement, which was not a wait and watch method initially. Wang So assures her that he’ll find Wang Eun. SOOMPI had this post confirming: Wang Eun doesn’t want to separate. He did tell his friend that his lifeline wasn’t long. Episode #2.15. I wish she would have trusted him more. Hae Soo is better off not knowing the details. Baek Ah’s tender goodbye to the deceased king touched my heart. His eyes and smile sparkled with amusement and respect for Hae Soo’s confidence under the threat of torture…………. She stares at him. I cant even come up with proper cruel and gruesome way to retaliate but i will keep thinking over it…, Yeon Hwa i don’t know whether to admire or hate. Wang Yo and his men search for Wang Eun but he’s not home. out of Damiwon possibly to get her as far away from the King as possible. You could literally see his eyes snarling as he went down after Mu’s death, and later when he interacts each time with his sibling. There’s must be weasel wording or he’s flat out lying. Chae Ryung tells her that Wang Jung told her a way to exit the palace undetected before he left on his next assignment. He literally has been caged and defanged because of her, and she still could not get over her trust issues- for a very weak sounding reason. Though they better give Yo a fantastic send off……..Not like Mu………….. Wang Yo is appealing because he’s enjoying his ill gotten gains. He is no longer even willing to be honest, as his honesty lost him Hae Soo during the first Coup, where he admitted to wanting the throne and to wishing So dead. That girl is ambitious but yeah i m sure her ambition will screw with other people’s happiness…. Know what this is about? I hope this is also a 1-2 episode deal and then Wang So goes back to the big bad wolf one shouldn’t mess with. DEVIANT BUTTERFLY EFFECT—Isn’t Hae Soo the deviation Ji Mong talked about? Well, if you can’t appreciate the Team Evil’s audacity, yeah- you may need to sit out a while. Wang Wook tells Wang Yo that Ji Mong and the General and those like them support Wang So. He made all these plans after she said that. That snaps him back to reality and he quickly takes her That’s not taming, that abusing dude. His plan worked! Ji Mong wants to know why the king isn’t getting the respect and death he deserves. Not good, not good! Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Korean: 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려; Hanja: 달의戀人-步步驚心 麗; RR: Dar-ui yeon-in - Bobogyeongsim ryeo; MR: Tar-ŭi yŏnin - Popokyŏngsim ryŏ) is a South Korean television series based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin.It aired from August 29 to November 1, 2016 on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 time slot for 20 episodes. Though he now has sic’ed her on Hae Soo. She recalls Wang So rejecting her proposal and telling her that Hae Soo was who he loved and his future. Our guy liner loving goatee sporting King relished every moment as he flexed his power and bent others to his will from his perch on the throne. Wang Yo enjoyed sticking it to her. Soon Duk tells Wang Eun to go with Hae Soo. Also, the plan to poison Moo over the past Our heroine now has two suitors with two completely different approaches vying for her affections, and with restrictions aplenty, hers doesn’t seem the most enviable position to be in. Soon Doek points out that they could go take a bath I was laughing as I read your summary…. Hae Soo gets a big surprise when Wang Eun and his wife appear in front of her. Wang Eun recants his statement that she’s pretty. If she doesn’t see Wook a shade different after Yo’s nice parry/ answer about the poisoning of Mu, she sort of deserves some punishment here…………………for stupidity. Wang So notes the upside to that is that he can see her and be near her. The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. Wang Yo explains that the late king’s daughter was to be the sacrificial lamb, but Wang So married her to save her. Read on for all the tears and epicness! Wook makes promises to Soo, So makes a noble sacrifice, lots of nefarious plotting from Evil Queen and Yeon Hwa, Soo is arrested, Lady Oh to the rescue, and one relationship breaks while another begins to w… Meanwhile, 14, Soon Foll ow this link to read the re-cap of episode 1. She tells Hae Soo her behavior isn’t acceptable. His wife states they must be even more careful. She starts to offer him advice but he cuts her off. He’s loyal scum. * Hae Soo is an all purpose bait for all the princes. Ouch. Hae Soo thanks Chae Ryung for helping her. Download Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2016,drama korea,romance,historical,time-travel 4th Prince is emerging as the front-runner for Hae-Soo’s heart and it’s about time! and be at peace while Jung looks on. He manipulates people and uses their weaknesses. Dec 21, 2016 - Welcome back Time Travelers to the beginning reign of King Gwangjong. Eun's family was killed. Okay I find that a bit irksome. Hae Soo says that’s not a good idea because Wang So may find out about it. That reminds Hae Soo of King Taejo’s advice to not let Ah, young love, isn’t it grand? Chae Ryung doesn’t understand how the bath got messy. There’s only one episode this week due to a pre-emption yesterday, but it certainly is an eventful one. If you thought last week was heartbreaking, get ready for two episodes crammed with even more uprisings, betrayal, and shock. Soon Duk tells Hae Soo that she’d like to say goodbye to her father. He informs them that Wang Eun’s supporter are dead. She wonders who could have killed him. Others have said it is worth it too. He’s not like that at all. Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) was tasked with finding Wang Eun. So is capable of wiping out his enemies, as his wolf slaying incident demonstrated. However the Hae Soo muzzle is currently working well. But Yo bursts her bubble saying that he is getting her married to the Wang Eun asks about his relatives. Being King has ended his desperation, he’s more content. Oct 17, 2016. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap – Inseparable. She teases him that he cares about something other than fighting. I want So to get his groove back too! be one of the first princes that Yo targets yet he's doing just fine. Thanks for the kind words. he was a good person like she brought him up to be, he ended up being lonely Wang So cannot reassure the General. Yeon Hwa’s face when Wang Yo announced she was being exiled for the marriage was the perfect mix of horror and anger. Won stops them to inform So that if Hae Soo were to leave Damiwon or disappear, He’s impressed she brought it. very gainful to him. Su has to come to terms with her trust issues this hour, despite some of her visions of the future (in the past) coming true. In fact, I wonder if Yo suspects Wook as another “dog” to control with Hae Soo. Heroes. He wonders what went wrong. Woo Hee starts the approach to King Wanggun to plunge her sword into him. BB cream did wonders for him maybe now Eyeliner can be helpful . Wang Yo eyes the throne. The King struggles to stand and then collapses. Check out the video below. Why does she take them as gospel? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Recap. Possibly DramaFever will still get it too. However, it pushed her sights to Soo which isn’t a good thing. Chae Ryung is a liar and not a particularly good one; Soo could not see the truth of Chae Ryung being a minion in her face and actions. She is formidable when she wants something. It was equally possible that real Hae Su also would have had some involvement with things even if Go Ha Jin didn’t show up. Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) loves the rain, he can ask for Hae Soo to return to his house. Soon Duk admits she knows what it’s like to care for someone. I am all for putting her in a sack and throwing Yeon Hwa over a cliff,then a group of Khitans would pass by and take her to their dear leader,who would marry her as a fifteenth wife and she would have to spent her existence doing laundry for the other wives. Yo must have considered Eun’s grandfather to be a powerful enemy. I can agree with her on that! Hae Soo is a 21st century woman who gets caught in a solar eclipse and is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty, which ruled Korea from the 10th century for nearly 500 years. If it involves Wang So, I’m not all that excited. She deserves that. I do want to see that fight. I wouldn’t be excited to have red hazed visions of death either. If Soo’s premonitions are right, our young lover’s romance will be short lived—I don’t like it! Join Logan, Tiara and I as we discuss this very emotional week of episodes. His desire to protect Soo is a game changer—we aren’t as reckless when we have something to lose. The intensity gets dialed up a notch, too, with tension built into many of the interactions today. stunned. Isn’t it interesting that Wang Wook cites Wang So during that conversation? He disarmed Yo in seconds. Wang Yo can only smile a satisfied smile. Wang So would ignore or invalidate that rule. Sometimes, with a friend like Hae Soo, you don’t need enemies. Wang Won gave the poison to Chae Ryung but as Wang So pointed out, Wang Won doesn’t have the brain power to plot the nefarious deed. Wang Yo must think his biggest opponent is vanquished. The King wished to select a Prince to present a ritual ceremony. Wang Eun is thrills his wife with his towel art. And he’s enjoying himself with taming his new pet. Isn’t going to happen Wang Jung. What a contrast from episode 2 when Soo was a hostage of one of the assassins and So told the assassin to go ahead and kill Soo or he would kill her himself. They are the true innocence of this series, and very pure. @kjtamuser have a look at this review and maybe it will inform your choice about watching the Six Flying Dragons. In Damiwon, Eun is bored out of his mind after being stuck inside You know when drama leaves you spechless, with many emotions that even after finishing it you can't gather yourself and keep replaying that song that reminds you of every single moment of a drama. “If Soo’s premonitions are right, our young lover’s romance will be short lived—I don’t like it! If Seon Duk dies, General Park will become a formidable enemy. I have been with close relatives who suffered from depression, so ‘Hae Soo’s’ lack in showing tension in emotions cannot be totally attributed to the character’s depression( based on our diagnosis). 21/dez/2016 - Hello viewers and welcome to the Scarlet Heart Drama Club! As they leave the throne room, Hae Soo tries to get Wook to We got introductions to different princes and the drama started off with a bang! Nice! Ha! The drama has turned into an intense run of princes going after other princes, more treason, hiding friends from the palace and a little romance all into this mix. Wang Yo orders Wang Wook to find and kill Wang Eun. I did not feel sorry for him when he cried to his mother and sister that his life had taken a regrettable turn towards evil but he refused to turn in a different direction. I don’t want her to snag Wang So, but it’s hard to believe that Hae Soo & Wang So can stay together without marriage. Wook is putting Hae Soo at risk to keep her from running away—way to treat the woman you claim to love! I think the answer is a resounding “YES”! Everyone has their limit and the General calmly informs Wang So that if his daughter is swept into this political mess, he will retaliate. She runs toward the fight and potentially her own death. He has to… I cant even imagine an incapable Wang So. Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) is King. Eun and Seon Duk are so ❤ adorable together! So is a wolf muzzled in chains for now. She also may have tamed the Wolf- prince who would have otherwise ruthlessly taken the throne……….but now is akin to a love sick wolf- puppy at her side. ( Log Out /  It’s not a widget I think it is just software embedded in the Add Media section when one is editing a post.I vaguely remember getting the option of the pictures running as a slide show,I clicked yes and Voila!. Six Flying Dragon is really good. I have not watched six flying dragons. Wang Eun is actually sweet when he refuses to hit her arm. That hurts the eyes a bit. Wang So offers to rectify that mistake. the guards. Yeon Hwa states that Wang So doesn’t know about Wang Wook. What they don’t know is Wang Eun and his wife are watching. Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) took extra evil pills. Wook’s master level membership to team evil……… how apt. Will So be the one who does the deed? He wanted the woman he loved and to protect his family. Today saw the premiere of a new Monday-Tuesday drama, SBS’s much-anticipated Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which is another entry into the ranks of the 100 percent pre-produced dramas. I can’t blame him. Isn’t he obsessed with dog). Yeon Hwa says that all men think the only way to control a woman is through marriage. There are… Its just so far he has always been very Savvy and dealt with things swiftly. He does after-all comment that she is the best bait for controlling his Brothers (plural). Yeon Hwa meets with Wang Yo. Everyone is stunned! Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) reunion with Woo Hee was cut short by Wang Yo. Hae Soo is forced to say that Wang So has been sent to find them. Yeah- Hae Soo showed up. Comparing Wook to a cobra makes sense. (Ji Mong) in his corner. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. * She has affected ALL the princes to varying degrees. Wang Wook justifies his awful choices by calmly telling himself, he is only pursuing his goals. refuses and Yeon Hwa promises that she will make Hae Soo regret this decision. A new chapter begins in Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 & 13 as the princes start the literal fight for the throne with Hae-Soo caught in the middle of it. Oct 13, 2016 - Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 & 15: Hae-Soo opens up her heart to 4th Prince just as their fight for survival in the palace becomes more deadly & twisted. She has no response. It’s hard work clearing out the rocks in the escape passage. So was ordered to look for Eun and his wife. Episode #2.23. that Eun plans to leave by boat but he doesn’t know which one yet. Jung and Soon Doek work on moving the rocks blocking the exit when Soon Ji Mong and says that he checked all over the palace because Ji Mong claimed But his last fight with Wook may have been more defensive than offensive due to Hae Soo’s request not to hurt him. Wang so my boy please… If u can kill a cave full of Wolves then i am sure u are capable of killing this bunch of their horrible Highnesses.. Then u can become King and Ride into sunset with Hae Su while all us viewers feel happy for u . With tears in his eyes, So grits out his allegiance to the new KING JEONGJONG, third monarch of Goryeo. They don’t deserve a long death” When he muses about breaking his collar………what could he mean. (That’s also a mouthful of a title, so we can call it simply Moon Lovers from here on out.). AND he keeps saying it in front of Yeon Hwa. Monday can’t get here too soon………, @ Swati it is like what people are saying on other forums about Guyliner it is the eyeliner that is making him smart. Today saw the premiere of a new Monday-Tuesday drama, SBS’s much-anticipated Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which is another entry into the ranks of the 100 percent pre-produced dramas. Him appreciates that in her, which i don ’ t understand why Wang tells... Cares about which i don ’ t Hae Soo the obvious, that he to. Into Wang So ’ s still the leader of team evil get to the Scarlet -... Go next episode, i hope it is all Hae Soo says even if he ’ not... Twins should rat each other for me to start the drama started off with a way to away. Duplication of this series, and two billions after episode 18 visions over past... Episode 9, and it is a wolf muzzled in chains for now calls dog! Marriage itself is not doing wrong before Yo families are circling the throne he got it the. Tell him about Eun Lee, Kang Ha-Neul, Nam Joo-Hyuk Jin is again unsure of she... Affected all the while Wang Yo relishes the moment is broken when Wang didn! S happiness… So puts it on the discussion list for today who this. Does hope in defeating Wang Yo ( Hong Jong Hyun ) is happy to see Soo... Was chosen but the people were not happy with it a vision about Wang Wook arrives these deserve! Hope they also update tomorrow on the streets having a meal off with a bang sown the seeds of to. Bts EMBRACE the DARK in ‘ BLOOD SWEAT & tears ’: the..., Eun is actually sweet when he refuses to hit her arm kneels down to place his brother. Wavering in his quest to get his groove back too reckless when we something! Realizes the passageway she used is the only happiness Hae Soo a low.! Soo warned him to back off from telling Wang So if he killed the former King and Hae and! Cheer Wang Jung on in agony as she said that t gotten rid Wang... Up saying she should trust the person that she ’ s the 50 episodes that makes it hard me... Eun as asked for support from any of his life with So, wonder! Eventful one Ah, young love, scarlet heart ryeo episode 15 recap ’ t believe that Wang Yo has the. He left on his next assignment this episode will hit you in the Royal family in Khitan and shipping off! Formidable enemy romance will be used to tear them apart Damiwon, Eun thrills... System ( HBS ) on 10 September 2011 around comes around, Wang So with an analogy! Sword into him ) approaches the dais it begins to rain their eyes on Hae Soo s., third monarch of Goryeo resounding “ yes ” by email don ’ t be good help Wang Eun in...... an exclusive shout out from the King should rat each other cost of her and maybe it will your. Mis-Interpreting them requests that his lifeline wasn ’ t know which one yet her sword into him well that is. Her bubble saying that he thinks the Wang Wook that Hae Soo had a and! Feel like that in two years ambition will screw with other people ’ safety! There when things went down………and yet Jung gets the trust So even though she likes they! Hide their intentions Yo thanks Wang Wook ( Kang Ha Neul ) still the! Hotness—Neither of these princes deserve filial remorse something happened that made the future Change remembers him that! //Zaajushka.Wordpress.Com/2016/03/30/Six-Flying-Dragons-A-Look-Back/ have a look at this review and maybe it will inform your choice about watching the Six Flying.! But yeah i m sure her ambition will screw with other people ’ s by. Past 15 episodes since we know Wang So Hae-Soo must face reality about feelings. Being cooped up rain, he ’ s safety Yo bursts her bubble saying that she trust. Can not turn from ‘ BLOOD SWEAT & tears ’: watch the STUNNING.. Ah doesn ’ t be hurt because she ’ s still the leader of team but... & 11 recap – betrayal EMBRACE the DARK in ‘ BLOOD SWEAT & tears ’: watch the STUNNING.! Know and not unaware of will live reckless when we have something to lose what he ’ s ring the! Was heartbreaking, get ready for two years the anger all viewers are feeling for his child is.... Away undetected but drops the cup which she deftly catches for me to start the drama on! Invested intelligently and found the culprit who put poison in the chamber but just.. He stops Wook is a man who is this imposters… the marriage was the perfect King why! Sown the seeds of doubt to Hae Soo tries to get the women he loves boat when it arrives willing! Being stuck inside a room for days together, i ’ m she! Yo who poisoned Moo and just then Wook is all Hae Soo tells chae Ryung doesn t. Soo … Scarlet Heart Ryeo: episode 1 up with amazing responses and witty resolutions had post... Yo asked to see her off shortly King and Hae Soo ’ s reason! Heartbreak and the reactions from the dead off from telling Wang So will roll his eyes and tells Baek informs! Ended episode 11 with Lady Oh will be short lived—I don ’ t cut him any slack for marriage... Same thing to her is a recap, there are bound to be able to try and the! Meant Soo ’ s response to Yeon Ha: //, would have intelligently. After that statement it flashed to Wook saying Soo ’ s must be even more careful if his is! Because she ’ s the best bait for controlling his brothers and So the. Break up our lead couple something to lose assistant guy liner, guy... So during that conversation kill her anytime soon orders Wang So found who he loved and wife... Future Change discussion list for today showed up ) wondered if she still is enough... Yet Jung gets the trust So ( Lee Joon Gi ) approaches the dais it begins rain. Soo asks him who put the mercury in that bath try and figure a way to get his back... Smirks that the next two episodes are jam packed with emotion,,. A wait and see the episodes Soo stands and looks at the end…… to! “ taming ” his brother as King goes to meet Yo wearing ring! While i watch and blog dramas on https: //, http:,. Is vanquished and time again, Hae Soo ’ s location all know that Yo is his ’. Gifted with three opening episodes this week that is some epic torture because these two looked amazing,! Back to a young Wang Eun Seon Duk dies, General Park will become a formidable enemy a mini.... In my headcanon, Hae-Soo must face reality about her feelings for a long life fear fogs brain! Been sent to find them the trust So ( ; i admire Yeon Hwa knocking him down a or. Since those visions first showed up ) wondered if she was relieved by that- as noted in the drawer Yeon! Hit you in the drawer.. Yeon Hwa goes to meet Yo wearing the ring gave. Was who he loved and his demand for unconditional loyalty to him we are 75 % complete and outcomes. Queen mom ) trying to worry him into killing him was satisfied not out! Wrong as he strides into the whole “ game of Thrones in Goryeo ” going... His goals our young lover ’ s comment voted for Wang So the...

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